Built For Life

Your lifestyle inspires Cavco’s designs

Factory built homes by Cavco offer quality construction, modern amenities and a level of customization that matches your lifestyle and budget. Cavco homes are hand-crafted with a variety of floorplans, personalized finishes and built-to-order features.



Today’s manufactured homes are built with the same materials used in a site built home, but are assembled in a controlled, factory environment. In this factory setting, there are no concerns about weather slowing down the construction process or exposing your new home to the outdoor elements during the process.



Almost any amenity available in a site built home is also available in a factory built home. From upgraded kitchens, fireplaces and luxury bathrooms to front and back porches are all available.



The construction process allows factory built homes to cost much less than their site-built counterparts. From buying materials in bulk to reduced waste, the savings are passed on to our customers. Our workers are on the job — rain or shine.

You're in Good Hands
Your new home will be built by skilled craftsmen and women that take immense pride in putting you in a home that's built to last. Your safety & satisfaction are their top priorities.
Quality is the Law
Manufactured homes are built to Federal standards that mandate a certain level of construction excellence & safety. That means your home will be built to withstand wind speeds and any other storms that can happen in the state.
Made to Hold Their Value
When your manufactured home is properly maintained, it will hold its value. Enjoy the benefits of building equity just like you would with a site-built home.

Built For the Long Haul

Manufactured homes are held to rigorous production standards at both the federal and state level, making them the most regulated—and quality-tested—form of housing in today’s housing marketplace. When it comes to severe weather, a 2014 study proved that properly installed manufactured homes are as safe as site-built homes during a storm, and in some cases, perform even better against high winds.

Multiple Financing Options

With accessible mortgage options and costs per square foot much Less than a comparable site-built home, your family’s dream of homeownership is an affordable reality.

Diverse loan options including FHA, VA, & USDA

If financed with land, homes may be eligible for traditional 30 year financing

A down payment as low as 3%

Lower interest rates with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac financing products

Why Cavco Homes?

When it comes to buying your new manufactured home, we know you have choices. See why Cavco Home Centers is the best choice.

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